Ming-fai Fong, Principal Investigator

Ming-fai Fong is an Assistant Professor in the Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech and Emory. She received her BS in Mechanical Engineering from MIT and PhD in Neuroscience from Emory University. She completed her postdoctoral training in the Department of Brain and Cognitive Sciences at MIT and a visiting lectureship in the Neuroscience Department at Wellesley College.

Yichao Zhao, Graduate Student

Yichao Zhao is a PhD student in the Biomedical Engineering Graduate Program and the Computational Neural Engineering Training Program at Georgia Tech and Emory. He received his dual BS degree in Biology and Biomedical Engineering from Emory and Georgia Tech. As an undergraduate he conducted research in cancer genetics and animal biomechanics, and subsequently worked as a flow cytometry specialist at Raybiotech. Chao returns to GT-Emory with an interest in exploring computational methods in biomedical research. His research leverages electrophysiology, computational modeling, and control system engineering tools to study neuroplasticity in visual circuits.

Ta'Kayla Wright, Undergraduate Student

Ta’Kayla is an undergraduate neuroscience major and a NIH ESTEEMED Scholar at Georgia Tech. She is originally from Dublin, GA, where she contributed to her community through volunteerism with local blood donation and environmental groups, as well as through leadership roles on her high school student council and her city’s youth council. At Georgia Tech, Ta’Kayla is studying neuroscience with the goal of attending medical school to earn her Au. D in audiology. She aspires to work as an audiologist in the near future, and possibly open her own clinic. In the Fong lab, Ta’Kayla investigates homeostatic plasticity mechanisms in visual cortical circuits that accompany recovery from amblyopia.

Arvin Sarkissian, Graduate Rotation Student

Arvin Sarkissian is a PhD student in the Neuroscience Graduate Program at Emory. He completed his undergraduate studies at Washington University in St. Louis, where he double majored in Cognitive Neuroscience and Biology. Arvin’s prior research centered around interindividual variability in human brain organization using functional magnetic resonance imaging (fMRI). He is interested in combining electrophysiological and cellular techniques with computational methods to understand how variability arises in dynamic biological systems.

Research trainees from previous institutions

Yasemin Atiyas, Undergraduate Researcher, 2015. Current appointment: PhD Student in Bioengineering, University of Pennsylvania.
Christian Candler, Research Technician, 2019-2021. Current appointment: PhD Student in Neuroscience, Arizona State University.
Julia Deere, Undergraduate Researcher, 2015-2018. Current appointment: PhD Student in Neuroscience, Rockefeller University.
Elena Esch, AMGEN Undergraduate Research Scholar, 2017. Current appointment: MD/PhD Student, University of Colorado.
Amanda Fernandes, Undergraduate Researcher, 2011. Current appointment: Product Owner, American Airlines.
Alyda Huerta, Undergraduate Researcher, 2016. Current appointment: PhD Student in Mechanical Engineering, Boston University.
Candace Law, Undergraduate Researcher and LINCR Fellow, 2011-2013. Current appointment: Research Engineer, Cryolife.
Nathan Liang, Undergraduate Researcher, 2019-2020. Current appointment: High School Teacher, Miami-Dade Public Schools.
Kerlina Liu, Undergraduate Researcher, 2019-2020. Current appointment: Undergraduate in Electrical Engineering & Computer Science, MIT.
Lisandro Martin, Undergraduate Researcher/Technician, 2017-2019. Current appointment: PhD Student in Neuroscience, Brandeis University.
Marc Powell, Undergraduate Researcher and Petit Scholar, 2011-2012. Current appointment: Postdoctoral Scholar, University of Pittsburgh.
Madiha Shafquat, Undergraduate Researcher, 2016-2017. Current appointment: Consultant at Putnam Associates.
Natasha Sharma, High School Researcher, 2019. Current appointment: Undergraduate in Chemistry, Barnard College.
Filia Van Dessel, Undergraduate Researcher, 2015-2017. Current appointment: Medical Student, University of Massachusetts.
Jocelyn Yao, Undergraduate Researcher, 2018-2019. Current appointment: PhD Student in Neuroscience, Johns Hopkins University.