Welcome Rob :)

We are thrilled to have Robert Lamprecht join our team as a research technician! Rob is a recent college graduate with a degree in computer science, broad research experience in neurobiology, and glowing praise from previous labs. Rob will be helping us to set up our in-vivo electrophysiology system, and developing new paradigms for visual and optogenetic stimulation in mice. Welcome, Rob!

Welcome Arvin :)

Arvin Sarkissian starts his research rotation the lab! Arvin is a first-year PhD student in the Emory Neuroscience Program. He comes at an exciting time when the lab has just received approval to beginning in-vivo work! He will learning techniques for performing in-vivo electrophysiology, delivering visual stimulation, and driving experience-dependent plasticity in the mouse visual system. Welcome, Arvin!

Welcome Ta'Kayla :)

Ta’Kayla Wright has joined the lab! Ta’Kayla is a sophomore at Georgia Tech majoring in neuroscience. We have recruited her to the lab to study synaptic and instrinsic changes in the mouse brain following visual deprivation. Welcome, Ta’Kayla!


Fong lab opens

Ming has arrived in Atlanta and the Fong lab is now officially open! She is excited to set up her research program in GT-Emory BME.

Welcome Yichao :)

Yichao Zhao has joined the lab! Chao is a first-year PhD student in the GT-Emory BME program, with previous research experience in cancer genetics and biomechanics. He is interested in computational biology, and we have convinced him to apply that interest to neuroscience and visual plasticity. Welcome, Chao!

Paper published in eLife

Ming’s paper on correcting amblyopia in mice and cats after the critical period has been published in eLife, with co-authors in the Bear lab at MIT and Duffy lab at Dalhousie.

Hello world!

Welcome to the Fong Lab! We study neural plasticity and how it can be leveraged to treat neurological disorders. The lab will open in the Coulter Department of Biomedical Engineering at Georgia Tech & Emory in October 2021.