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We seek to build a multidisciplinary and diverse team of scientists and engineers. Ming-fai has a long history of mentoring and is committed to training individuals at all career stages.

Open Positions

Research Technician

We are actively recruiting a research technician to help advance our studies on neural plasticity and visual rehabilitation in mice. The technician will be responsible for conducting experimental and analytical work, as well as managing laboratory operations. Research activities may include (but is not limited to) mouse handling, stereotaxic surgery, ocular manipulations, electrophysiology, optogenetics, computational analyses, euthanasia, and histology. Operational work may include (but is not limited to) ordering supplies, managing mouse colonies, setting up equipment, maintaining websites, organizing data repositories, updating animal/safety protocols, and contributing to a positive and inclusive laboratory environment. The technician will also participate in weekly lab meetings and individual meetings with the principal investigator.

The candidate should have a bachelor’s degree in engineering or science by the time of employment, OR an equivalent combination of experience and training. Programming skills and/or experience working with rodents are preferred but not required. Ideal candidates will be organized, detail-oriented, and committed to learning beyond of one’s area of expertise. The position is for full-time employment on the Georgia Tech campus, with a minimum commitment of 1 year.

Applicants should submit a resume/CV (maximum of 2 pages), letter of interest (maximum of 1 page), and contact information for 2-3 references to

Training Opportunities

The Fong lab welcomes applications for graduate or postdoctoral training. Ming-fai is committed to providing hands-on training and gradually fostering intellectual independence, while tailoring mentorship to individual needs.

Graduate students

We accept graduate students from the Georgia Tech and Emory Biomedical Engineering Program, the Emory Neuroscience Program, and the Georgia Tech Bioengineering Program. If you are a student in one of these programs and interested in joining the lab for your PhD studies or a research rotation, please contact If you are interested in applying to one of these programs, please follow the links below.

Georgia Tech and Emory Joint Biomedical Engineering Program
Emory Neuroscience Program
Georgia Tech Bioengineering Program

Postdoctoral scholars

Funding for various postdoctoral opportunities is available on a rolling basis. Current funding is available for projects related to visual plasticity and optogenetic feedback control. If you are interested our research, you are encouraged to send an inquiry and CV to

Informal Mentorship

Mentorship can come in many forms, and you do not need to be a member of the Fong lab or interested in our research to seek support. Ming-fai is open to chatting with students and postdocs on a range of topics (e.g. choosing a lab, career advice, imposter’s syndrome, sexual harassment, responsible conduct of research, forming a thesis committee, etc). Feel free to get in touch with Ming-fai if you would like to talk.