We seek to build a multidisciplinary and diverse team of scientists and engineers. Ming-fai is committed to providing hands-on training and gradually fostering intellectual independence, while tailoring mentorship to individual needs.

Ongoing Opportunities

Postdoctoral scholars

Funding for various postdoctoral opportunities is available on a rolling basis. Current funding is available for projects related to visual plasticity and optogenetic feedback control. If you are interested our research, you are encouraged to send an inquiry and CV to

Graduate students

We accept graduate students who have already been admitted to one of the following programs:

Georgia Tech and Emory Joint Biomedical Engineering Program
Emory Neuroscience Program
Georgia Tech Bioengineering Program Emory MD-PhD Program

We cannot directly admit graduate students into our lab. However, if you are interested in our research, we encourage you to apply to one (or more) of the programs above. On your application, you can list our lab as one that interests you. If you are invited for an interview, please reach out and we will try our best to be placed on your interview schedule. If you are offered admission and want to learn specific details about ongoing projects or joining the lab for your PhD studies (or a research rotation), please contact

Graduate students considering joining the Fong Lab (or any neuroscience/neuroengineering lab) are strongly encouraged to enroll in the following courses:

Please keep the registration deadlines and cross-registration deadlines in mind.

Undergraduate students

If you are interested in working in the lab, please fill out the Undergraduate Research Interest Form. We encourage you to fill out this form (rather than to email us directly) to demonstrate that you have read through our website and understand the expectations for undergraduate researchers in our lab. When positions become available, lab personnel will look through the form responses to identify candidates whose interests and goals align best with their research projects. At that time, they will reach out to candidates directly to request additional materials (e.g. resume) and schedule interviews. This communication typically occurs 1-2 months prior to the start of the semester, with hiring occuring at the beginning of the semester.

Informal Mentorship

Mentorship can come in many forms, and you do not need to be a member of the Fong lab or interested in our research to seek support. Ming-fai is open to chatting with students and postdocs on a range of topics (e.g. choosing a lab, career advice, imposter’s syndrome, sexual harassment, responsible conduct of research, forming a thesis committee, etc). Feel free to get in touch with Ming-fai if you would like to talk.